Sunday, 20 July 2008

Ooh, There's My Collar...There, Down There!

Will you look at that!

What a way to start your Sunday...having a quick once over on the computer before croissants and tea for breakfast - checking for sales that may have occured overnight - to see this! Thebluebutton's ( simply gorgeous Treasury, being featured on the home page at etsy!!
I feel totally honoured to be included in this rather ethereal and beautifully conceived collection. Thank you so much, bluebutton!

(My item is the Midsummer Collar: bottom row, centre).

Being featured has had a huge impact on the number of people viewing my products. The featured Collar received an extra 300+ hits whilst the Treasury resided on the front page. Wow. Back in June, I was lucky enough to be featured in another Treasury (by Heloise with my Collar of Delights; I was still very new to etsy then, but I have to say that the immense feeling of joy that I felt then is in no way diminished now. I'm on Cloud Nine!

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Marian said...

how cool is that! Congrats. I havent figured out how to get noticed at all in etsy... it depresses me...hahaha dawanda is ok, outside the shops I get custome orders and all. But Etsy is a mistery for me.
Your necklaces are gorgeous, so deserved spotlight!
so, congrats to you! Has it had an impact on sales??