Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Quiet Time

Not a vast amount to report, today...
So, I thought I'd show you my favourite spot in the house: leaning on the kitchen windowsill, and looking outside.
Never fails to lift my spirits! Even if it's raining, or just plain murky, I love this little snapshot of our corner of the world.

This is how I see my outside, really - first, I look at my girls' wendy house that 'ye olde woodcutter' built for them (to remind myself to chivvy us - ok, him - along a bit to finally get the fascia boards on); then on down the path, where I can see (but sadly it isn't very visible on these pics) the tips of our tipi and its poles rising majestically above the hedge at the bottom; then around to the wider view of those towering trees and our monkey puzzle proudly guarding its territory.

Ahh, I love it!!

I've been working on something pink today - should be finished tomorrow, so watch this space.

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