Friday, 11 July 2008

Have Some Art For the Weekend

Woodcutters Cottage
Ice Cottage
Just had to show you these. Aren't they fabulous? This is someone who knows what to do with a scalpel - it's just a dangerous weapon when it's in my hands! They're the work of Helen Musselwhite, and you can find her ...hang on, the cursor is still not working properly, so I'll have to type it here for, and Go and take a look, and marvel at all of that intricate cutwork.
I'd love to get my woodcutter one of these - they're so evocative; I can only really think of here, of our home, when I look at them. Anyone reading who knows me, do you agree, I wonder?
What with my dodgy cursor and whatnot, I apologise for the badly aligned titles of these pieces...I'll try and sort it out......*mutter, mutter, mutter...*

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