Wednesday, 23 July 2008

On My Desk Wednesday

Amongst the aftermath of yesterday's work still to be tidied away, a gift from my eldest shines...a tissue girl, with moving arms. Yes, I melted! What a lovely surprise.

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Marian said...

that is so cool! your girls are very talented!!!
Do tell, Charlotte, how does this shopping list saturday go? How many items? just dawanda or etsy or both? do we link to the shop? do we....what??? what are the rules?? Shall we make a little button too? are we going to spread this all around the world?? :P like world domination type thing?

Alan said...

Yes, cool, my daughter is in that between age, 17, last year that would have happened, maybe next, but probably not this year. Alan

Bird Bath said...

that is special! I just love the spontaneous art kids create. I'm afraid I'll end up with folders bulging with work my five year old churns out. It is all me.