Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Someone slap me with a wet fish, please

Phew! What a day!

The day began with some all singin', all dancin', wrappin' and despatchin' of another sale, this time wingin' - okay, enough - winging its way to France. Farewell, mon collier! Oh, enough of the dramatics...where's that wet fish? I've replaced it with this, above. Click on my DaWanda shop link on the side of this page, if you'd like a closer look.
That's several items sold, now, whoopee! - not that I'm counting - so it's about time I got my derriere (francais, n'est pas?....leave it!) into gear and knocked up (with a large amount of love, and a bucketful of talent, obviously) a few more items. Some claret-coloured velvet has been uncovered, and I've received some sequin trim from India, which is tres fantastique....so I think the creation of few 'Showtime' pieces (circus inspired, remember?) can hereby commence...!
But before that, I just have to go and put the finishing touches to a little gift I've very quickly thrown together for a friend's birthday. It's only very small, but small means fiddly, and I'm not exactly famous for my patience...!

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Mallory said...

Just wanted to drop in and say that you have some lovely and unique pieces.