Thursday, 3 July 2008

Me? Nosy? Never!

I should be adding this to my Dawanda shop tonight...
Did you ever have a craving to rifle through your Grandma's chest of drawers - to take a peek at those little treasures she had wrapped away safely in there, those nuggets of her history? Well, I can hand on heart say that I never ever did the rifling thing (honest!), but I did have a yearning to take a little look.

That's what this pendant conjures up for me: Grandma's Attic (well, okay - drawers). Treasured jewels wrapped carefully in muslin sheets to preserve them and their memories; snippets of fabric saved from beloved offspring's baby clothes; shabby velvet upholstery (in a drawer? For me, yes!) harboured since leaving their first home they owned; and of course, just a faint hint of rose-water...yes, rose-water with a bit of carnation thrown in for good measure!

Now, must just get this off my chest - my Choker of Beauty was featured on the front page of Dawanda today! Gave me a thrill, anyway.

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