Monday, 28 July 2008

Paddling in the...Rain

Finally, I've got a bit of work done. This was a long time in the making...why does it go like that sometimes? The real shame? I don't think the photos do this justice at all...ah well. On sale from my etsy store later today.

Any how, I thought this pic was quite can just about glimpse ye olde woodcutter in the background in his overalls. Looks a bit...dodgy....doesn't he? Actually, he's doing nothing more sinister than filling the girls' paddling pool up - only to finish two seconds before the heavens opened up and gave forth an almighty, boneshaking downpour. Ah, the joys of an English summer!


Les_Bijoux_Uniques said...

It is so pretty! All your stuff is gorgeous :) I really love it! You have a great talent. I am faving your shop for sure.

Marian said...

DOnt worry, the dutch summer is just as.... enjoyable.
I really like how you combine fabrics and buttons and everything.... really pretty!

Say hi to the overal man! :P

'fancypicnic' said...

Ha ha! The overall man! I like that...kind of suits him. He's never out of them, after all!

Thank you for the compliment, les bijoux uniques!!