Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Work in Progress

Okay - look very closely at the second picture. Check out the poor old frazzled dear in the kitchen (bottom right). That's me...apparently. Oh, yes...many a time youngest has come for a chat whilst I'm cooking, only to find me face down, slumped onto the hob, sizzling my cheek off!

Honestly - I had to laugh. Apologies for blurry pic....too much heat in the kitchen again!

Back to reality...the top photo, taken in poor artificial light, is a taster of the work in progress at the moment. Tomorrow, I should be showering it with beads and spangles and whatnot, and it should be on sale in the evening. Until tomorrow...

1 comment:

Marian said...

hahhahahaahaha! well, what to each, its own... whatever you like doing in the kitchen! hahaha
Can't wait to see how the finished piece looks!

Hey! 3 posts!!! five!!! how can I keep up with you!