Thursday, 24 July 2008

A Laid Back Day

This is what I love about school holidays. No rushing around first thing in the morning (a HUGE plus), being able to be outside together during the best part of the day - mid-morning, and being able to (this is youngest's best thing) wear what the heck you like!! And she works it!!
I've decided to omit the photo of me in my fairy costume....oh, okay - hands up, I don't really have one. But if I did...!
No crafting and stitching for me today, I suspect. Woodcutter man is wending his way to Somerset to supply poles for and erect a tipi, so the three of us are going to indulge ourselves with a quiet cosy day, filled with making bead pictures, lots of drawing, catching butterflies (although eldest usually ends up catching her sister's head), maybe a film, and plenty of reading...punctuated, naturally, by the yells and tears of the many arguments these two continue to have. My kitchen cupboards are very poorly stocked, and we have decided to 'make do and mend' for the day, ie: no-one wants to partake of a trip to the shops, so we'll make do with whatever we can retrieve from the depths of the cupboards! That'll be onion soup with a jar of peanut butter then! The challenge is on...
(The lower photograph was edited using flickr toys)


Bird Bath said...

yay for holidays!! mine have just gone back to school but I enjoyed having them around for all those reasons you mentioned. we played to our heart's content :)

Marian said...

ahhhhh yummy... onion soup and peanut butter... yum yum! can I come over, pleaaaaase!

I want a faery custom. And I want to have the guts to wear it all day, go to the shop, the gym, etc... how long till they lock me in, you think?