Sunday, 13 July 2008

The Sunday Club

As a child, I didn't really like Sundays. I love 'em now! We usually have a stay-at-home day, and today was no exception. The man of the house was felling and selling a set of tipi poles, and packing up sets of the logettes (see June 26 entry) that he has sold on ebay.

Youngest kept herself busy flitting from crayons with paper to bead pictures, to paper and crayons to bead pictures...all day. Eldest was in raptures with the view from the landing - see below - and I kept myself equally occupied making some earrings. Busy, busy, busy!! These will go into my etsy shop tonight.


Marian said...

isnt it cool when everything moves smoothly, uneventfully but packed with interesting, productive old is a kid when he/she starts letting mom do that???
We have a tipi tent with which we invade woods of Europe. A modern thing it is, but lovely.
Husband ask shop name of your husband. :)

'fancypicnic' said...

Hi, Marian - we only sell the poles whilst we struggle to set up the holiday site...but you can find us at

As for the children - at around seven/eight, suddenly they'll be v independent. It builds slowly, bit by bit, then suddenly...wham! You're almost redundant!