Monday, 14 July 2008


Now then.
In my household, this quaint, homely pottery is referred to as 'ugly' pottery. Ugly! !

Poor things. I have collected many pieces along these lines - fruit and vegetables, with the occasional flower or fish thrown in for good measure - for quite a few years now. They were rather 'out of place' in our last home, and so they have been resting (I like to say), or dormant, snuggled up in newspaper and a cardboard shelter for some time.

Now, they have to live...breathe...gather, I tend to them, I love them so. But it seems I am the only one. The only one who covets them. Who doesn't offend them with rude names...

I love them!!

So I thought I'd share them with you. Maybe someone out there will appreciate them?! Maybe I'll turn this into a Monday feature...things in my house that I love, maybe. Hmmmn...

P.S: Today, I'm featured on someone's blog! Take a look at (you guessed it - the cursor problem continues); make sure you scroll down the page and read on (I'm assuming you've checked it out!) because it's a lovely blog, and you really must see the Violise Lunn feature. Take a good look, now...paper?!


edward and lilly said...

I love these little treasures, they are so sweet!

Marian said...

On my way to that blog. But before... i like your apples! :) they are colorful!!!