Friday, 25 July 2008

Shopping List Saturday!

1. sea urchin bracelet/gooseflesh ( 2. landscape with thread/enhabiten (, berries earrings/loopsdesigns (, 4. portrait of the airship captain's wife/totusmel (, 5. double dutch gift card envelope/autumntomay (, 6.two deer, letterpress coasters/paperedtogether (, 7. driftwood mirror with violet/blackeyedsusan (, 8. billow ring no 2/tinctory (, 9. on a limb 5x5/standingflower (, 10. summer combo charlotte and scarf/morelle (, 11. low carb chocolate and violets cuff/bayousalvage (, 12. fused glass hair stick/groovyglassgirl ( (This mosaic was created using flickr toys) your glad rags on? Let's go shopping!
Today's post sees the start of a new, regular feature - Shopping List Saturday. Here, I've given you a pint sized round-up of my selection of coveted products available from various sellers within etsy.
I love natural colours, materials and organic forms, so this List is quite representative of that. Living, as I do, in the heart of the forest I'm very influenced by the changing of the seasons. I'm always keen to grab my girls and go scavenging in the woods - on the lookout for beautiful twigs, seed pods or branches to decorate our home - so to discover so many products that have their roots in the natural world is wonderful.
The twig-like nature of the tatted necklace; the soft tones of the driftwood mirror; the rich red of the berry earrings; the ethereal dewy quality of the landscape with thread; the earthy feel of the fused glass hair stick; the feather-like ring; the organic form of the bracelet; the natural hue of the bag ; the 'unearthed' quality of the cuff; the images of the deer, a bird and an embellished flower...I've got it all, in one easy shopping trip!
And the best bits? I didn't have to leave the comfort of my armchair (frankly, always a bonus...who looks forward to a Saturday afternoon scrum in a department store?), and I know that these gorgeous products are quality, handmade items. Go on...dive in...get shopping!!

Do you fancy playing along? Just contact me, and I'll add you to the list!

To see more Shopping Lists from fellow etsy artisans, please click on the 'Shopping List Saturday' link on the right of the page.

Added note: thank you to those of you who have managed to post your lists today - it was very short notice!


Jennifer said...

What a beautiful and ecclectic list of goodies! And i'm SO into the saturday shopping list. Thank you for including me & i'm looking forward to seeing more of your weekly finds;)

p said...

you have made some great choices charlotte! i look forward to reading your saturday shopping lists!

Sarah Dible. said...

Thanks for the include! I am off to shop now :)

Marian said...

Great pics! love the colors! greeny,beige,! :)
My theme is green too!!!!
I like this! It took me some time to get a hole of the freaking flickr toys hahhaa and then the links and....aaaaahhh! And then posting the collage...why didnt I have a 12 square option, but a 13 one??? weird. Anyway...first time! will get better -hopefully- by next saturday!!!!

Marian said...

By the way, etsy blocked my conversation feature because of spam alert. Yay! so I havent been able to let everbody know. I dont know how long this will take until it is reactivated.
well, kinda blew up in my face, didnt it?

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Charlotte. I'm thrilled to be included.
Time to go and have a look at the other goodies.

'fancypicnic' said...

Thanks to everyone that has managed to post their list today - at such short notice!
It's also great to know that more people want to join us next week! Let's spread the word, folks...

Half-an-Acre said...

okay - i'll only join in if you tell me how you got all those thumbnail pics doing what they're doing!!!

Vanessa said...

All of these look so great together!

Les_Bijoux_Uniques said...

Oh! How cool!! I heard it through the Etsy grapevine and want to join up for this cool idea :) Please include me and I'll definitely post every Saturday. FUN!!! :)

'fancypicnic' said...

HalfanAcre, it's a deal!
Glad to have you join us, les bijoux uniques! I'll add you to the list ready for next Saturday. Looking forward to seeing your list!
Anyone else like to join in?

Breanna LaRow said...

Very nice shopping list! And a great idea!