Friday, 4 July 2008

Roll Up, Roll Up...

Lots of peeled poles made their way to Bath this morning, to become supports for a tipi in a garden. Lucky garden!

Sadly, I had to miss the field events sports morning for my eldest at school. However, it was lovely to pick her up and be presented with two certificates gained for first place in the skipping race (from last week - yes, I was there for that one!) and stilt-walking! We belong to a circus family, don't you know?! No, seriously...well done, twirlie!

A lovely assembly this morning, too, from youngest and her Reception class. As always, they were all super - confident, well behaved and entertaining. Thank you!

Talking of circuses, we're off to enjoy one tomorrow (thanks, Mum!). Can't wait! What with children's parties tomorrow, and performing in - sorry - watching the show, there may not be any blogging for me on Saturday. I know, I know, you two readers will miss me! See you back here soon, if I don't run away with the circus, that is....our stilt-walking skills are in great demand, you know!!

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