Friday, 11 July 2008

It's last!

What's all this? THREE posts in one day? Well, I just thought I'd show you that finally (imagine please that you read that in italics....cursor problems continue!) I've managed to complete something, after the inconweeniences of the past couple of days. One 'Showtime Pendant'. Yes, just one, but I've nipped out and stocked up on replacement machine needles, so I hope to have one or two more by the end of the weekend. Think ringmaster regalia, bygone times, the end of the nineteenth century and all the decadences and fun of a day at the fair. I think I'll put it into my etsy shop tonight

On a lighter note, youngest enjoyed a school trip to some underground caves today (, but dreadful and neglectful mother that I am, I forgot to send her to school in jeans...but I did remember to tell her to enjoy the day and to listen to what she's told, and to make sure that she's in the right place at the right time. So maybe I'm not such a bad mother after all....because she didn't get left behind!


Marian said...

wow!! when you get the time to work you do work, uh!

Great colors! love the combination of textures.

On my way to your etsy shop. I'll add you to my favorites. I thought you just had a Dawanda one.


Marian said...

By the way...3 posts in one day????????? crazyness. :P

hellejorgensen said...

This is rich and gorgeous. I love all the little bits and the colours are wonderful.