Saturday, 19 July 2008

Saturday is for Shopping!

Right it's Saturday, I thought I'd do some armchair window shopping, and these are my picks for the day (all found on my 'Love These!' pinboard at daWanda.), from daWanda.

Working from top left:1.RedBowl/florcita; 2.Birne und Apfel Leinen/ lilleStofhus; 3.set of 4 heart magnets/mymiyel; 4.home-3xhandpainted gift tags/SiebenMorgen; 5.Utensilo-beidseitig verwendbar-Shabby/Pucki-Design; 6.Traumschones Rosenherz/Freude am Naehen; 7. Subes deko hauschen haus tilda greengate shabby/cherryblossom; 8.Love Boat Necklace/maggiejo; 9.Big Hearted Stiltwalker/zoel; 10.(I Heart) Cupcake Purse/tabithaemma; 11.Hearts-personalized pocket mirror/andischu; 12.chickie the kissen/astifantasti

I quite fancy the idea of doing this regularly. Does anyone want to recommend anything? Anyone have a list they'd like to share?

Happy shopping!

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Marian said...

hey! my bowl is there! :)