Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Going folksy!

A little gift from youngest this morning! Beautiful, thank you, twirlie xx

Some news crept into my 'inbox' yesterday. Has anyone heard of 'folksy' yet? It seems it's the UK answer, if you like, to etsy and DaWanda. At the moment, it's in its beta period, but sellers are there, there are products to buy, and I'm one of them! There's also a pool in flickr if you're interested! Go and try folksy out...it's light, bright and from a seller's point of view, easy to negotiate when it comes to uploading your wares (something that can prove to be very time consuming in some situations). Open at the present time to sellers of handmade items from the UK, you can find it at http://www.folksy.com/ . I'll tell you more once I'm more familiar with the site, but I say, give it a go! There's no commission to pay whilst they're in their beta period, so that can't be bad, and there's a very nominal fee to register your product for sale.

Thank you to Natalie from The Elves and the Shoemaker http://www.folksy.com/shops/theelvesandtheshoemaker for pointing me in the folksy direction!


Marian said...

Hey, that is cool! Too bad it is just for the UK, but cool as a buyer...

I was under water yesterday too... a freaking hurracaine really. I think we get the storms here after they've been in the UK... kinda close we are.

Anyway, on my way to read yoru other posts and check out Folksy.

Your girls are adorable with all those gifts! My kid drew with oleos (he stole from me, Im painting now) on my suede couch. Yes, so happy.

Marian said...

Folksy told me that you dont exist... what the..... help.

Les_Bijoux_Uniques said...

Very cool site! Is it just for the UK? I didn't notice.

Hens teeth said...

Just when you think you may...just may, have seen all the lovely blogs that there are to be found....someone like you comes along! Thank you so much for stopping by and it has been a total pleasure to read your lovely posts. And to be honest you have answered my prayers with Folksy. I was looking for another outlet to try and I shall certainly give this one a go. Thanks again and please keep in touch. viv